HH 5778 Fundraising

Help Underwrite 5778 High Holy Days

These High Holy Days mark our 40th year as a community. Our forty-year journey parallels the Exodus narrative — learning to be truly free — before entering the Promised Land. And like our forbearers, we have a new leader — Rabbi Mychal Copeland for guidance and inspiration as we enter new territory. We believe 5778 will be a sweet new year of growth and celebration — and we need your help. This year:

  • We’ll still be at the gorgeously renovated (and more expensive) Herbst Theatre.
  • We’ll have a second year with our beautiful new Machzor to hold and explore.
  • For families and children, we’ll provide family services and free childcare.

Since we’ve eliminated paper tickets and opened our services to the broad community, your support is even more critical.

Please consider helping underwrite our High Holy Day Services by Donating via PayPal.

Thank you for helping build and support our fabulous community.


With abundant gratitude,

President Michael Chertok, Cantor Sharon Bernstein and Rabbi Mychal Copeland


Steps to Donate via PayPal:

  1. Type in desired donation amount next to “$0.00”. Please note: you will not be able to proceed with payment if you do not type in a donation amount.
  2. Once donation amount is typed. Select “Donate with PayPal” or “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card “.
  3. If you choose “Donate with PayPal”, you will be asked to enter your “PayPal” account log-in information. If you have more than one account linked to your PayPal account, you will be asked “How do you want to pay?” You can select from the accounts listed.  Last, you will be asked to confirm the amount and click “Donate Now”
  4. If you choose to “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”, you will simply be asked for your credit and billing information. Then proceed to click “Donate Now” and your payment will be processed.

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