SZ Reopening: Sacred Values and Brit

Reopening Process

As we begin the process of re-opening in-person events at Sha’ar Zahav we are taking a very considered, thoughtful process.

Everyone attending an in-person event is asked and expected to sign a Sha’ar Zahav Brit, a covenant of mutual well-being, as explained below.

Our process of reopening is rooted in Jewish values:

Kol Yisrael aravim zeh bazeh
we are all responsible for one another, not just ourselves. We take precautions for our own safety, but also for the other souls in our community. We will follow a precaution that may not resonate with us individually for the sake of our sacred community being able to spend time together. As a spiritual center of communal responsibility, we may at times hold ourselves to a different standard of safety than other places we frequent because part of our mission is to care for one another.

Pikuach nefesh
the mandate to save a life, which in Judaism is so important that it takes precedence over other Jewish ethical obligations.

Shmirat Haguf
responsibility for our own bodies. We are attentive to the history of LGBTQIA and other individuals being told what is acceptable to do or not do with our bodies or our health. We remember the trauma and stigma of AIDS.

B’tzelem Elohim
we are all created B’tzelem Elohim, in the image of G!d. We strive for equity, to meet the distinct needs of every soul in our community.

faith we put in others. Personal safety measures differ for each of us, but in our community, we place trust in the processes of our staff and lay leaders.

Shmirat ha-lashon
guarding our speech. We will refrain from stigmatizing or judging anyone in our community for vaccination status or masking. Some choices have been dictated by health, eligibility, or personal factors. All are holy beings in our community and all will be respected.

Brit – Mutual Covenant of Well-Being

With these values in mind, we ask you to enter into a Sha’ar Zahav brit, a covenant of mutual well-being. Responding will allow you to attend events and will be kept on file.  Please review and sign the Brit – Mutual Covenant of Well-Being.   You only need to do this one time.